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Lily Life Guidance, LLC

Living In Loving Yourself

Are you still feeling awry even after several self-help and self-development attempts? Are you ready to get real and honest with yourself? I know I was, so I finally decided to face the truth... I didn't need help or development... I only needed acceptance.

Based on personal and professional experience, I have found that if we see our self as needing help or in need of further developing in order to change “for the better” and for the sake of being happy… then it’s time to open our mind to a new perspective. Our desire to change self-critical areas and to "help" our "inner demons" is clearly showing us our rejection of and our resistance to a part of who we are in this moment. If we accept these parts of us by changing how we see them, we no longer resist them. If there is no resistance, there is no inner conflict and we begin to feel peace and happiness through Self-Love. 

I encourage you to check out this sight and sign up to my blog, newsletter, and my facebook page for inspiration and support on your path to a life of wellbeing. ~ From My Heart to Yours, Debi