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Lily Life Guidance, LLC

Living In Loving Yourself

Client Testimonials

"Several months ago, I was having some serious anger issues that were affecting both my business and my personal life. I knew I needed help. I contacted Debi Hebel. I was very nervous before the first session. When the session ended I was very confident that change would happen. By the fourth session I had my anger under control and discovered the cause of the anger. After the fifth session, I knew I was well on my way to controlling my anger. My office team and some of my best friends were commenting about how much I had changed in the past 5 weeks. Their comments were very reinforcing. Thank you Debi, you turned my life in a positive direction."

- Paul H., Owner/CPA

"I would like to give testimony on Debi Hebel’s coaching abilities to life and understanding one’s feelings and social behaviors.

I have been in counseling with her for the past month and have had amazing results understanding my own true self. The counseling has given me new directions on my own life and also the tools to make the necessary changes for obtaining my own goals and work ethics. I have applied these techniques into my everyday life and have had excellent results.

I only wish I would have had this training at a younger age then I would have been able to thoroughly understand myself to be able to pursue the career path to obtain total happiness in my life.

At first I was skeptical on what this well being coaching would do to help. But as I have personally experienced it, it will really makes one understand their inner self. This is the “Aha” moment when your life’s plan is laid in front of you clearly and you understand it, finally. Then you need to apply these changes and watch what happens.

Debi’s abilities are wonderful and I only wish that everyone would be able to have a chance to experience her counseling."

- Judy S., Customer Service Rep.

"I would like to take this time to thank you for encouraging me to start work on your program. All though I have not yet completed the course, I am amazed at what I have already discovered about myself.

Sometimes we seem to loose ourselves in our everyday busy life. Starting your program has shown me my true self again and where I want to be going. It has also given me a better understanding of myself and it is helping me to expand into other areas that I would have never have attempted to go before."

- Diana S., Quality Manager

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